The Feels

Nov 3, 2017

9:15 pm

Metro Cinema (Garneau Theatre)

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Andi (Constance Wu) and Lu (Angela Trimbur) are excited to celebrate their upcoming wedding with a joint bachelorette weekend in wine country. On the first night, the brides and their friends get wasted, and Lu admits to everyone that she’s never had an orgasm. This admission comes as a complete surprise to Andi and derails the weekend in unexpected and poignant ways. It causes everyone to reflect on trust, love, and their journeys to experiencing their first orgasm, in this raucous and very funny comedic drama.

Preceded by the short film:
STRONGER TOGETHER | Directed by Stacey Maltin | 10′ | 2017 | USA

When a fired up young woman accidentally brings home a lover with an opposite view on the world she must decide whether lust or murder will win the night.

Country: USA

Production year: 2017

Running time: 90

Director: Jenée LaMarque