DOC SHORTS: A Collection of Short Films *FREE SCREENING*

Nov 6, 2016

12:00 pm

Metro Cinema (Garneau Theatre)

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Join us for this FREE screening of some of the year’s BEST LGBTQ-themed Documentary Shorts!

Rainbow Day Camp | Directed by Horacio Marquinez | 2016 | United States | 30′
In 2015 a summer camp was created in the Bay Area to provide youth a safe and fun place to express their identity. This documentary gives a view of the camp as a unique yet simple and quotidian universe of these kids, their parents and allies.

Bear in a Barber Shop | Directed by Albert Koomen | 2016 | Australia | 4′
A man goes into a barbershop, gets a haircut and a beard trim and reveals some of what it means to be a gay bear.

Bearded Ladies – The Photography of Rosamond Norbury | Directed by Sharon McGowan | 2016 | Canada | 30′
Documentary about ‘omnisexual’ photographer, Rosamond Norbury, who explores gender and identity with a playful wink and a nod.

Running time: 64:00