Nov 5, 2016

4:15 pm

Metro Cinema (Garneau Theatre)

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GROWING UP COY is a feature-length documentary that centres around a young Colorado family who engages in a highly publicized legal battle and landmark civil rights case, as they fight for their 6-year-old transgender daughter Coy Mathis’s right to use the girls’ bathroom at her elementary school.

The Mathis family’s landmark case in 2013, was the first in the United States to decide in favour of a transgender youth using the bathroom facility that corresponds with their gender identity.

This incredibly timely film asks a universal question that any parent could face: “How far would you go to fight for your child’s equal rights?”

Screens with:

Who I Am | Directed by: Monika Wilczynska | 2016 | United Kingdom | 17′
‘Who I Am’ is a coming of age tale about Elijah, a young transgender teenager from a very religious background, who has to try to reconcile their identity with their faith and their family’s expectations of them. With the help of anti-conformist Lisbeth and their friends, Elijah learns not to compromise their own integrity in face of prejudice and adversity. The film inquires: can an LGBTQ-identifying person benefit from religion whilst staying true to who they are?

Country: USA

Production year: 2016

Running time: 83

Director: Eric Juhola

Language: English

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